My Brother’s Name

My Brother's Name


Lambda Literary Award Finalist
Debut Fiction

“Disturbing, subversive, and strangely fun.” — Gina Frangello, author of Slut Lullabies

“A gripping read for anyone who loves masterful prose and provocative questions about gender, bodies, minds, and love.” –Eileen Pollack, author of Breaking and Entering: A Novel

“Laura Krughoff’s My Brother’s Name is a beautifully written and eerie novel about identity-slippage. At first you notice the story’s memorable strangeness, and then you think: No, this could happen to anybody.” — Charles Baxter, author of The Soul Thief

“Intriguing premise and deeply involved relationships between characters opens a new perspective on self and gender identity.” —ForeWordReviews

“Identity is a slippery slope in this GLBT novel written as a young woman’s memoir-like tale of assuming her look-alike, schizophrenic brother’s identity. …Inevitably, romantic entanglement and pain result in Krughoff’s fast-paced read that’s as daring and provocative as it is entertaining.” — Booklist

“…a unique and intricately aligned debut.”–Publishers Weekly

How long can you pretend to be someone else before you lose yourself?

In this poignant debut novel about folie a deux, or shared psychosis, Jane Fields follows her brother into the bewildering landscape of mental illness with the hope that she can save him. But it soon becomes a question of how long she can survive there before she loses herself.

From Scarletta Press.

Available now:

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